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Upholstery: Polystered Fabric . Seat Comfort: Medium Soft. Seat Foam: 32D Back Cushion: Loose back cushion and Cover washable. Seat: Zig zag spring. Leg : PVC KD systems.. Throw cushion: 2 nos. Ground Clearance (height of Sofa from ground): 4" Leg Height: 4" Frame Material: Solid wood. Foam Density: 32D soft Seat Suspension : Spring. Fabric Material : Polyestered Fabric. Seating Depth : 21" Seating Width: 67.5"

Furnitech : Being Designers & Manufacturers Of The Most Humble Piece Of Furniture, The "SOFA" Is Central to Every Home. Our Ethos Has Been to Make This Piece Of Furniture The Most Beloved for You And Your Family. Since Our Inception 26 Years Ago, We Have Evolved In Thought, And so has Our Designs. As we Continue To Grow As A Company, We Have Changed Our Perspective Of Being Local To Global, From Being Only Customer Centric To Including the Environmental Concerns & Providing Solutions Which Are More Holistic. As You Experience Each Of Our Designs You Will Also Experience Each Of Our Designs You Will Also Experience Our Philosophy Which Is To Provide World Class Comfort & Style & Which Is Beautiful Inside Out.

Thank you for choosing our furniture. We are committed to providing you with quality products and excellent service. Here are the warranty terms for your reference: Internal Wooden Frame Structure: We guarantee the integrity of the internal wooden frame structure & Foam for a period of 36 months from the date of purchase. Any issues related to sagging will be covered under this warranty. Foam: The foam used in our furniture is warranted against sagging for 24 months from the date of purchase. Overall Product: We provide a warranty of 12 months on the overall product, covering any manufacturing defects or issues arising from normal use. Upholstered Fabric Materials: Please note that upholstered fabric materials are not covered under warranty. However, within one year of purchase, if fabric pilling or manufacturing defects occur, we can provide service to rectify the issue. Exclusions: Fabric warranty does not cover damages resulting from physical damage or damage incurred during transit. Additionally, normal wear and tear are not covered under this warranty. Repair Service: In the event of any issues covered under warranty, excluding fabric, we offer repair services to rectify the problem. This includes repairing or replacing damaged parts as necessary. Replacement: If a major defect is found with in a 12 months and it is determined to be a genuine product defect, we may offer a replacement of the product. This decision will be made at our discretion after thorough evaluation. Minor Issues: For minor issues that do not warrant a full replacement, we will provide repair services to address the problem and ensure the continued usability of the product. Please retain your proof of purchase and contact our customer service team to avail of warranty services. We are here to assist you and ensure your satisfaction with our products. Thank you for choosing [Furnitech Seating Systems (I) Pvt Ltd.]. We appreciate your trust in our brand.

FOLLOWING THESE FEW BASIC STEPS WILL HELP YOU PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT FOR YEARS OF ENJOYMENT TO COME Leather Sofa : Following these Few Basic Steps will help you enjoy and Protect your investment for years to Come. 1. Keep Sharp objects away from your leather furniture. 2.Vaccum or wipe with a dry soft cloth to remove accumulated dust. Preferably once a week. 3. Protect from direct and even indirect sunlight. Keep it at least two feet away from radiator and other sources in your home. 4. Avoid resting newspapers and magazines on the surface as inks will absorbed by the leather furniture. 5. Fluff and turn removable cushion regularly for even usage. 6.Apply a good leather conditioner every 6-12 months, to keep leather soft and supple and to prevent cracking and drying. 7. Use leather cleaner to remove the spill. Avoid use of any chemical or detergent products as they may cause severe damage and costly repairs. Before using any cleaner, test clean on a hidden area. 8. call a leather professional if you have an ink stain or any Persistent stains. 9. Don't leave any hot objects on leather sofas including Laptops as the texture will get damaged as a result. Fabric Sofa : . 1. Keep upholstered furniture out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. 2. Fluff and rotate cushions regularly to prevent sagging and to distribute wear evenly. 3. Vacuum often or use soft bristled brush to remove dust and dirt. 4. Avoid using Dyes, Inks, Paints and Acids a round your furniture. 5. Avoid leaving newspapers on fabric, Ink could transfer to the fabric. 6. Caution those wearing clothing with transferable Dyes, such as Blue Jeans, etc. 7. Spot clean or blot spills immediately with clean white cloth to prevent stains from setting. 8. Keep Pets Off the furniture. 9. Never remove cushions for dry cleaning or machine washing even though they have zippers. 10. Call a professional when cleaning an entire piece of upholstered furniture. .